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Fans across Europe join forces in Barcelona under the motto “Money can’t buy passion!”

Posted by thepeoplesgame su 26 luglio 2010

European football supporters representing more than 2 million fans took part in a successful 3rd European Football Fans’ Congress, organized by Football Supporters Europe (FSE) in Barcelona from 16-18 July 2010.

Among the key decisions were plans for pan-European fans’action days, and the drafting of recommended proposals, for consideration by UEFA and national football associations, outlining fans’ positions on the (financial) management of football clubs and constructive suggestions as to what punitive sanctions  might be acceptable to football supporters.

At the welcome reception at Camp Nou stadium on Friday night, the participating fans from more than 30 countries were received by, amongst others, the newly elected vice-president of FC Barcelona Jordi Cardoner and the president of the Catalonian Football Federation Jordi Casals. Over the course of the weekend, supporters and officials from government agencies and football bodies across Europe came together at RCD Espanyol’s brand new stadium to debate. William Gaillard, personal advisor to UEFA president Michel Platini, opened the meeting, together with a member of the board of RCD Espanyol. 

In several workshops, participants then elaborated joint actions and positions, the “hottest” topics being football sanctions like matches behind closed doors, the dramatic economic situation of many European clubs and the upcoming EURO2012 tournament in Poland and the Ukraine. Furthermore, proposals for cross-European action days against repression were agreed, as well as the first European exhibition about female football supporters to be developed in time for the Women’s World Cup 2011 in Germany next year.

Finally on Sunday, at the concluding AGM of Football Supporters Europe, the fans elected the new members of the Executive Committee:

Kevin Miles, Football Supporters’ Federation, England

Christian Bieberstein, Unsere Kurve, Germany

Christina Magnussen, Norsk Supporterallianse, Norway

Dirk Vos, Supportersfederatie Profclubs, Belgium

Michal Riecanský, The Stands Are Ours!, Slovakia

Shay Golub, Israfans, Israel

Tam Ferry, Association of Tartan Army Clubs, Scotland

Pedro Miguel Silva, AAS – Sporting Club de Portugal, Portugal

The FSE Committee together with the Coordinating Office will be charged with leading the work of FSE over the coming season.

The organisation of the congress was supported by UEFA, RCD Espanyol, FC Barcelona, the municipality of Barcelona and, most importantly, both national fans’ organisations in Spain, FASFE and AFEPE as well as CEPA from Andalucia and many Spanish football supporters from across the country.


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